The Swiss Institute for Particle Physics (CHIPP) has been founded in order to coordinate both the research as well as the outreach and education activities of the Swiss Institutes involved in Particle and Astro-Particle Physics. A first step towards coordinated education activities was the organization of the very first CHIPP PhD school in January 2008 in Naefels, Glarus. A second school followed in January 2010 in Ascona.  Motivated by the success of these schools, CHIPP will organize a third edition.

The research activities of CHIPP are best described by the three pillars "High Energy Frontier", "Neutrino Physics" and "Astro-Particle Physics and Cosmology". 
Therefore it was clear from the beginning that the CHIPP School should offer lectures on all these three pillars. Whereas the last time the focus was on LHC physics and accelerators, the second school focused on Neutrino Physics and Modern Detectors, the third school will focus on Astro-Particle Physics and Cosmology. These main lectures are complemented by shorter lecture series on LHC physics and Neutrio physics. All lectures are given by international and national experts.

The school is open to both Swiss and International students.

Course Overview

Astro-Particle Physics Lecture 1 : by Andrii Neronov

Astro-Particle Physics Lecture 2 : by Martin Kunz

Astro-Particle Physics Lecture 3 : by Julien Lesgourgues

LHC Physics Lecture : LHC Proton-Proton Physics, by Andreas Hoecker

Neutrino Physics Lecture : Neutrino Oscillation Physics, by Luigi Di Lella